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Bodywork in movement – Corporal preparatory sessions prior to Meditation A few words in regards to the theoretical and practical approach. Meditation Active H.C., (M.A.H.C.) an eclectic and perpetually evolving approach to Meditation, was originally inspired by martial arts, meditation, shiatsu, as well as various forms of corporal therapy. In response to requests to teach meditation on behalf of occidentals uncomfortable with the habitually strict and demanding traditional postures proposed, Hassan Chaib drew upon his experience to create a method of body work in movement; a preparation of the body prior to entering into a meditative position (This position may be sitting, standing or walking). Working with this method, over the years, beginning with individuals, and expanding into groups, Hassan observed a real evolution for people having a steady practice, in all aspects of their lives. Encouraged by this feedback, he enlarged his purpose for the Méditation Active H.C. The objective of the M.A.H.C. is over and above perfecting a corporal posture to meditate. It aims at developing a meditative state, integrated and present in each individual, as much one is able in each moment of each day.
Regular practice allows one to envision the body as an instrument of self-knowledge starting from movement. Those that are consistent in their daily practice (a few minutes each morning) discover progressively that this work develops the means to express ones creative potential, gives direction to their life choices and encourages personal evolution as well as ones relationships to others. M.A.H.C. creates a fertile ground and ‘receptiveness’ both corporally as well as psychologically, through the cultivation of the senses acquired through movement, and the development of awareness through focused attention towards oneself as well as others, without tension. In practicing M.A.H.C., one benefits from the profound action of all the techniques from which it has sprung.
The incessant mental activity slows to a gradual stop, The M.A.H.C. creates a corporal centering as well as a dynamic that helps one let go through movement. The well-being that permeates the body neutralizes the imbalance provoked by stress. A healthy personal evolution results in a dynamic balance between a stability acquired by regular practice and the new ‘adventures’ proposed throughout the workshops.

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All 6.30pm - 8pm Constance

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